Our spa is a total body-mind healing facility with a mist sauna that moisturizes your skin, a 90°C refreshing detox sauna, and cold-water
and bubble baths. Use it as long as you like after entering. Also, after leaving the bath, you can relax in your bathrobe in the lounge
equipped with a TV, reclining chairs, and Japanese-style chairs. We have professional estheticians who offer massage and salon
treatments that will refresh your heart as well as your body.


Baths and Saunas

You can use the sauna without a bringing a towel. Towels and all amenities are provided.
We have a rich assortment of shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, lotion, skin milk, and hair spray. As well as the hot sauna,
there is also a mist sauna.



Complimentary drinks have been prepared in the spacious lounge.
Enjoy a relaxing time in the Reclining Room where TVs are available for private use.


  • Powder Room

    Powder Room

    We have equipped Nano-e hair dryers. They protect the health of your hair and scalp.

  • Sauna,Mist Sauna

    Sauna,Mist Sauna

    The sauna refreshes you from the core. It stimulates the capillaries and sweat glands and boosts metabolism and blood circulation. The mist sauna is easy to enter, with steam atomized into fog, maintained at a low temperature of 48 to 49 degrees Celsius. It is very effective for enhancing beauty. Aroma mist sauna is available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

  • Reclining Bath (39 ~ 42 °C)

    Reclining Bath (39 ~ 42 °C)

    Countless bubbles gently massage away the tiredness in your legs.

  • Whole-body Shower

    Whole-body Shower

    It’s a whole-body shower that wraps your body in 360° water jets. It also has a massage effect.

  • Cold Bath (31 ~ 32°C) (Men’s section)

    Cold Bath (31 ~ 32°C) (Men’s section)

    There are three levels of hot water streams, strong, medium, and gentle. The cold bath is refreshing after the sauna.

  • Cold Bath (31 ~ 32°C) (Women’s section) Bubble Bath (41 ~ 42°C)

    Cold Bath (31 ~ 32°C) (Women’s section) Bubble Bath (41 ~ 42°C)

    Women can enjoy the healthy and beautifying effects of the cold and bubble bath Jacuzzis.


Facial Course

Facial Course
Basic Facial (40 min.)
Cleansing/Deep Cleansing/Facial Massage/Toning
Whitening Facial (60 min.)
Cleansing/Electro/Facial Massage/Facial Pack/Toning
Anti-aging Facial (80 min.)
Cleansing/Electro/Facial Massage/Ultrasonic/Facial Pack/Toning

Aroma Course

Aroma Course
Aroma Oil Massage
* Head massage or facial massage is
included in the 90 min. Course
50min. ¥6,000
70min. ¥8,100
90min. ¥10,800

Foot Course

Foot Course
Foot Massage 30min. ¥3,780
60min. ¥7,500
Foot Peeling (Exfoliation) 30min. ¥4,320
Total Foot Care (Foot massage 30 min., peeling) 60min. ¥8,000
Options 10min. ¥1,650
20 Points 20min. ¥3,200


Standard Exfoliation 30 min. ¥4,880
Original Exfoliation 30 min. ¥4,880
Salon Therapy 60 60 min. ¥8,640
Salon Therapy 80 80 min. ¥10,800
Option Shampoo (Scalp Massage Included) 10 min. ¥1,650
Option Facial 10 min. ¥1,650
Point Lymph Massage or P2O 20 min. ¥3,200

※ Bathing wear upon enterring
This hotel welcomes those who wish to cover scars with bathing wear. Those who wish to wear bathing wear into the bath, please feel free. We also ask that those around will kindly understand.
Asahikawa Grand Hotel Spa’s staff is looking forward to your coming. We hope everyone will enjoy a pleasant time here.
*Bathing wear that may be worn to cover scars from surgery, etc. is underwear that was developed to cover scars without creating hygienic problems.

Business Hours & prices
Business Hours 2:00PM ~ 11:00PM
(Final admission 10:00PM)
Entrance fee
(1 drink included)
Adults :¥1,000
Elementary students :¥500
Preschool children:No Charge
※ Taxes included in prices.
  • Lodging guests can use the facility for ¥1,000 (ordinary price ¥2,400) with one-time admission fee to bath.
  • When entering the baths again, please present the entrance ticket which you received on entering the first time at the Plateau reception counter.