Magnificent architectural beauty with gracious hospitality

Asahikawa Grand Hotel is located on the east side of Heiwa Street Kaimono Park, the main street that runs straight from Asahikawa train station. As a base for sightseeing to Asahiyama Zoo or Furano, and as the tallest city hotel convenient to the East Hokkaido region, it offers magnificent quality.

Hotel Information

Address: 6-jo-dori 9-chome, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido
TEL: +81 166-24-2111
Check-in: 2:00 PM
Check-out: 11:00 AM


by Train:

JR Hakodate Line: Disembark at Asahikawa train station, approx 13 minutes’ walk, or approx. 5 minutes by taxi or car
JR Asahikawa station to Asahikawa Grand Hotel approx 13 minutes’

By airplane

From Asahikawa airport to hotel: Airport shuttle bus final stop (6-jo-dori 9-chome), approx. 40 minutes.
Taxi (or car) from airport to hotel, approx. 30 minutes.
From New Chitose Airport to hotel by Hakodate Line: Approx. 2 hours.



Asahikawa City is located approximately in the center of Hokkaido, with a view of the Taisetsu Mountains and many rivers that water the plains of Hokkaido, including the Ishikari River. It is the second largest city in Hokkaido and is a beautiful blend of urban life and nature. Because it is located in the Kamikawa Basin, it is known for having hot summers even in cool Hokkaido, while it is famous for cold winters, and the coldest temperature ever recorded in Japan, -41°C. Even with the severe weather, Asahikawa’s rich natural resources and the colorful changing seasons make a town that lets you see the beauty of the four seasons.

  • Asahiyama Zoo

    Asahiyama Zoo

    (About 20minutes by car from The Hotel)
    Asahiyama Zoo is Japan’s northernmost zoo. It quickly became famous as the place where you can observe the habits of the animals in as close to a natural environment as possible. It has become established as a leading tourist attraction of Hokkaido, and many tourists from other countries visit as well as Japanese tourists.


  • Gardens in Asahikawa

    Gardens in Asahikawa

    Ueno Farm. Heal your heart with the colorful flowers in a garden where light and wind play.
    This garden was based on an English garden while preserving the spirit of Hokkaido. With flowers tailored to the climate, this is truly “Hokkaido’s Garden,” filled with the charms of the north country.

  • Otokoyama Brewery

    Otokoyama Brewery

    (About 13minutes by car from The Hotel)
    Otokoyama has been in operation for about 300 years since the Kanbun Era. It began brewing in Itami, and has been famous since the Edo Era for producing well-loved sake with fans down through the years. Sake was a precious commodity in the past, and its fame continues into the present.

  • Takasago Shuzo

    Takasago Shuzo

    From its start as Kobiyama Sake Brewery, a century has passed. Taking advantage of the up-to-60-degree difference between summer and winter temperatures in the frigid Asahikawa region, the brewery has continued making its pioneering brand of sake, Kokushi Muso, a dry, manly sake, for 30 years. The number of its fans is increasing nationwide. Takasago Shuzo and Asahikawa Grand Hotel also have a collaboration of sake.

  • Museum of Sculpture

    Museum of Sculpture

    About 15minutes by car from The Hotelcontinues into the present.

  • Lavender fields

    Lavender fields

    About 60minutes by car from The Hotel

  • Hills of Biei

    Hills of Biei

    About 60minutes by car from The Hotel

  • Asahikawa Station

    Asahikawa Station

    About 13minutes walk from The Hotel